Talking about migration

How do we have difficult conversations about migration? This is a key question in a project that we are involved in together with Bridget Anderson, University of Bristol and William Allen, COMPAS, University of Oxford and other partners.

This has involved actREAL running a workshop with Year 13s from a local British school looking at their own migration stories and their understanding of migration. This workshop involved looking at migration and the media, definitions and public debates, as well as discussing our own experiences of (non)mobility, through activities and conversations.

The project also involved another workshop run by Pete Cranston with academic staff on facilitating difficult conversations around migration. The aim is for these facilitators to encourage conversations between people at a performance of George & the Dragon in April next year. This performance will be a bespoke take on the story, written and performed by actREAL specifically for this event. More on this to come!

As part of this larger project we have gathered personal stories of migration by those involved in the project and the school students. It aims to capture stories about our journeys to where we are now and ask “are we all migrants?”. All those stories can be seen on the blog “Here Be Dragons”. Do have a peruse to see all the different journeys! The most recent blog posted is by actREAL’s Ida Persson.

Talking about migration

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